Franchise FAQs

You probably have a lot of questions, maybe we can help put some of those to bed with these frequently asked questions. If you can't find the answer to your question below, just email us and one of the team will help you out. 

General FAQs

Can I be a multi site franchisee?  

Yes you can, as long as the franchise meets our growth and rewrite criteria.

Am I able to own more than one brand?

Yes, absolutely.

Do I get to select the location where I will open a franchise? 

Yes, site selection is paramount in any successful business. Our in-house experts will work with franchisees to help assess locations and ensure the site is feasible.

Where can I find out specific information for a certain brand?

We have specific FAQs for each brand:

Can I apply for the group and you tell me which brand suits me best?

Sure, our process will help determine which brand is suitable for you. Throughout the process there is also the opportunity for you to visit the brands behind the scenes.

I am really interested but don't think I have the right financials. Can you help?

Absolutely, part of the process is assessing your current financials, however we also recommend that you seek independent advice. We believe finding the right person is just as important as funding, so will consider all applicants with the right attitude on a case-by-case basis. 


Application process

How do I apply? 

Simply fill out our application form here, and someone from the BFG team will be in touch to discuss.   

Do I need any additional paperwork to submit my application?

Not at first, you'll just need to tell us why you'll make a great business owner. Any other requirements will be outlined in the interview process. 

If I'm unsuccessful in my application, can I apply for another brand? 

Not at this time. As part of your application, we assess your suitability for all our brands in addition to the first brand preference listed on your application.  However, we welcome applicants to apply again at a later date should they not be successful on the first occasion. 

How long will the application process take? 

You can read through the process here. Regardless of brand, from the initial expression of interest to the signing of the franchise agreement could take 6 weeks-12 months. Once a franchise agreement has been signed, a successful candidate could be opening the doors to their new store in anywhere from 6-12 months depending on the availability of sites.  


Support & franchising with us

What support do I receive?

To see a full list of the support and advantages you'll receive as a business owner, please click here. 

You will have to work in-store to complete your franchisee training. As franchising is an owner-operated business format, our most successful stores have the franchisee at the helm each day. Rolling up your sleeves to get the job done is all part of becoming a business owner. 

Do I have to work in store?

How much do I need to invest?

Depending on the brand, between 50-60% of the in-going capital is generally required and recommended, however we believe finding the right person is more important than funding and will consider all applicants on a case-by-case basis.

How much money will I make?

This area will be discussed through the selection process to the satisfaction of the applicant.

Are there any group benefits?

Working as a group means that we have more buying power and can optimise our buying power across the brands. Being a group also means we have a broad set of skills and resources on hand at all times.