Franchise application process 

Once we receive your expression of interest, here's what the journey to owning your own business might look like. From the initial expression of interest, successful candidates could be opening the doors to their own store anywhere from 6-18 months time. 


Stage 1: Online application 

This is where we get to know you. The online application is designed to help both parties ensure early-on that franchising a BFG brand is the right fit for you. As part of the information request, you'll need to provide a full list of your assets and liabilities. This will be kept strictly confidential. 

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Stage 2: Disclosure stage and two day in store trial

At this point, you'll sign an initial confidentiality agreement with us so that we can share the details of opening a business with you. You'll conduct your own due diligence, and we'll begin to work on a business and location plan to ensure we can open a feasible business together. You will be invited to attend an in store two day trial, this is where you will get a real taste for working in store.

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Stage 3: Interview and documentation

You'll be formally interviewed by our Chief Operating Officer and the Business Unit Leader of the BFG brand you have chosen. Credit checks will be completed, and our Chief Financial Officer will work with you to ascertain your full financial position to ensure serviceability of cash-flow. 


Stage 4: Franchise agreement signed

This is where we make it official! The partnership between franchisor and franchisee becomes legally binding. 


Stage 5: Site selection and training 

Once everything is signed and sealed, we'll work with you to secure a site and build your new store. You'll also head into 4-16 weeks of intensive, full-time training at one of our existing stores to learn everything about running your own business.

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Stage 6: Store opening 

The BFG team will work with you to launch and celebrate your new store with the local community.