Shake Out Franchise FAQs

You probably have a lot of questions, maybe we can help put some of those to bed with these frequently asked questions, specifically around Shake Out franchising. You can find general Group Franchise FAQs here. Other brand FAQs can be found here for BurgerFuel and here for Winner Winner.

Can you help me answer some questions about the franchise process?

You might be able to find your answer in our general FAQs here. Otherwise you can get in touch with our Franchise Manager here. Or you can read through the process here.

How much does it cost to build a Shake Out store?

Costs can change considerably depending on the type of store required for the given area and the expected store volume. The average store in New Zealand costs circa. $400,000. 

What is the cost of purchasing a Shake Out franchise area and training costs?

$25,000 franchise territory fee + $10,000 training fee.

How much royalty do I expect to pay to the franchisor?

For newly opening stores 5% of net turnover.

How much is the advertising contribution to build the sales of my store?

4% of net turnover calculated monthly.

Can I invest in a Shake Out and run it under management?

Franchising is essentially an owner-operator business format and our most successful stores have the franchisee at the helm each day. However, should a perspective candidate have an investment partner who is prepared to share some of the financial risk in setting up a Shake Out franchise we will consider this on a case-by-case basis.

What is the minimum cash unencumbered amount I must have to be considered for a franchise?

60% of the in-going capital, however, Shake Out believes finding the right person is more important than funding and will consider all applicants on a case-by-case basis.

How long is the training?

Minimum 4-6 weeks under the Shake Out training programme. Franchisees must be prepared to travel to Auckland for their training, if required.

What are the expected returns from owning a Shake Out franchise?

This area will be discussed through the selection process to the satisfaction of the applicant.

How long does the franchise agreement last?

10 years with a right of renewal based on performance for a further 10 years.

Complete our ‘get in touch’ form here and our franchising manager will be in touch within a timely manner.

How do I express my interest in owning a Shake Out franchise?